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Walking the SW Coast Path - Daymer Bay to Polzeath - 1.5 miles

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Wednesday 19th February 2020 was the day that my 30 mile coast challenge began.

Nervous but most importantly, excited to begin my journey on Cornwall's beautiful coastline, I decided not to throw myself into the deep end. Instead, I decided to break myself in gently with the short and relatively level coast walk between Daymer Bay and Polzeath. These are both places that I have visited before but never walked between the two and linked them together.

The first mistake I made was forgetting that I was parking at Daymer Bay in low season, where I am used to parking in high season with a real live parking attendant who can take a bank note and give me change! So I turned up to the car park with hardly any coins and scraped together £2.00 to pay for 2 hours. This meant that I felt like I had to rush the walk but as soon as I started to do that, I realised that I couldn't maintain the pace I was going at as it was getting painful and it meant that I wasn't enjoying it. This was not how I wanted to start my challenge. So I made the decision to just pace myself and if I got a parking ticket, then I would cross that bridge when I got to it. (I didn't get one by the way!)

I felt that I got to Polzeath much quicker than I expected. This helped me to feel positive about the distances I would be able to achieve. Once I got to Polzeath, I hunted down a pasty and let Dottie have a run on the beach.

I then decided to walk back towards Daymer Bay. The skies got darker and darker and I then got caught in a torrential hail shower which was being blown directly into my face! So I did a large section of the walking squinting and my face stinging from the hail slapping my face.

No sooner had this shower passed, I was greeted by parting skies and sunshine when I got back to Daymer Bay and spending time on the beach was just heaven watching Dottie run on the beach and watching the wind surfers.

So after this walk, I clocked up 1.55 miles to go towards my 30 mile target. A small step but tremendously satisfying.

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