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Pedn Vounder - Walking The Coast Path

Beautiful vast skies

Rugged cliffs and turquoise seas

Stunning Pedn Vounder

Pedn Vounder, Porthcurno and Logan's Rock cliffs is up there as one of my absolute favourite places in Cornwall. There is just something so magical about this place. I first visited Porthcurno beach in September three years ago and it took up a big piece of my heart straight away. Now walking the cliff path above Pedn Vounder is one of my favourite walks.

Walking the cliff paths in Cornwall is not an easy thing for me, due to me being a Fibromyalgia sufferer. For those of you who have not heard of this condition, it's a chronic auto immune muscular condition which causes a lot of pain, fatigue and muscle spasm just to name a few of many symptoms. So even though I am young, doing lots of walking on rough terrain is hard for me, so I am grateful for each visit for still being able to manage it so that I can see these views. I used to park in the car park in Porthcurno and start the walk from there but this was becoming a bit much for me so I started to look into easier routes. So I discovered about parking at Treen and walking from there. This is a pleasant, easy stroll to the cliffs and so much easier for those who are less able but want to take in this incredible view. I love turning the corner and being greeted by the sea on the horizon.

There are some slightly challenging parts to the path but easily overcome and I'm sure you will agree, that it's worth it!

I always walk to a rock at the top of the footpath that goes down to Pedn Vounder beach and sit and breathe it all in. The actual footpath down to the beach is not for the faint hearted and should only be attempted by those who are wearing sensible walking footwear and who are fit and able. I am yet to attempt it either due to it being muddy and slippery or for not feeling confident on the day. Each time I go, I hope to be able to but I have not managed it yet.

Once I'm at my special rock, I am overwhelmed by the feeling of space and calm. Here is my place to reset and to get my vital dose of vitamin sea.

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