• Abbi

Walking The SW Coast Path - Harlyn Bay to Mother's Ivey Bay - 1.5 miles

After a long break, I was so excited to return after 7 months (thanks to Covid) to continue on the SW Coast Path in September. It was a shame that this walk was done in thick sea fog but it was still a beautiful, easy walk that was pretty much all level on low cliffs. Despite the lack of sunshine, the colour of the water was stunning! Similar to last time, I wanted to start with an easier walk after having such a long break, to ease me back into it again.

As you can see, it was pretty much a white out! I started from the car park at Harlyn Bay picking up the coast path from the top of the beach walking along to a short set of steps climbing up from the beach to the cliff path.

There were wonderful panoramic views wrapping around Harlyn Bay from the path. There are a few little coves as you walk around the headland called Onjohns Cove and Big Guns Cove.

Shortly after passing Cataclews Point, Mother Ivey's Bay comes into view. Well, it would normally but when I first arrived you would not have even known that there was a Lifeboat House there let alone a headland.

After waiting a while and sitting on the headland to eat lunch, the fog started to lift a little so at least I was able to see the headland and lifeboat house. I'd driven all the way from home (Cambridgeshire) to Cornwall having left at 4am so I was ready for a break. It was lovely to just be able to soak up being in Cornwall again at long last. To be able to hear its sounds and smells. It's not something I will ever take for granted again. I sure many of us will feel that way about our favourite places after the year we have all had.

After resting a little while, I turned and headed back the way I came to return to Harlyn Bay.

I couldn't resist stopping at Onjohn Cove on my way back and going for a swim. I actually loved being in the sea wrapped in mist. It was so atmospheric and it felt very calming and peaceful. I can highly recommend it. Just the feeling of being back in the water again felt wonderful.

When I left the cove, I realised that I couldn't walk back across the top of the beach, the way I came, because the tide was coming in. This is the official route for the SW coast path. I continued along the cliff and walked through a road which had signs everywhere saying that it was private but luckily no one saw me. This brought me out onto the road down into Harlyn and I walked a short way back to the car.

I really enjoyed this walk and I look forward to doing it in the future when the sun is shining and when I can see it clearly in all its glory.